Channel Your Inner Creativity

Attend one of our local pottery events

Making pottery is a beautiful way to express yourself. By using different colors, shapes and designs, you can create a piece that reflects your style and personality. Color City Pottery gives you the opportunity to create custom pottery at our studio in Albertville, Minnesota.

Meet New Friends in a Pottery Event

Create something unique for your home

What makes us unique?

Color City Pottery brings something new to pottery making. We want you to have as much creative freedom with the process as possible. Add whatever you want, whether it's bright colors or a traditional style.

Here are a couple things that make us unique:

We have an in-house pottery studio.

Paint your own pottery or create something for a friend. Whatever you decide to make, it'll be uniquely yours.

You'll get your pottery quickly.

Making a last-minute gift for a friend? We have a six-day turnaround time for all our pottery items. We'll hold onto the pieces until you're available to pick them up.

Visit our pottery studio today to explore your creativity.

Host an event at our studio

If you're hosting a local event, consider booking a pottery painting class at Color City Pottery. We host private events for small groups. You can create unique pottery with a quick turnaround for parties, team-building events and more.

We also have public events for you to attend in a group setting. Keep an eye on our website for a list of our upcoming public events.