Tons of fun seasonal items to paint and regular items, too!! Donna is awesome to answer questions and offer ideas with other finished projects.

Courtney B.

My friend and I just happened to stumble upon here and decided to check it out. The prices of the pottery pieces were super great and reasonable! There is a small studio fee for painting which is way cheaper than my friend and I expected, as we know that some places charge by the hour. We had a very fun and relaxing time. I can't wait to go back. This place is perfect for personalized gifts to your loved ones or its great for spending time with friends and family of all ages.

SeaSalt V

I had an amazing time here and plan to come back soon! The prices were reasonable, there was lots of color choices, and tons of fun things to paint! It's a wonderful environment and a great time for all ages.

Mollyanna E

They have a great selection and always new items everytime you go in!

Heidi O

We were looking for something fun to do with our 2 and 5 year old on a dreary day this weekend and found this great place. Super friendly people and fun store. We picked up our works of art today and we all love them.

Derrick H.

Super fun Saturday afternoon fun! kid friendly, great prices, helpful tips from the staff!

Kaiti M.

Last Saturday me and my two girls went in there and had a blast!!!!

Aubrey S.

I love coming here and doing ceramic painting with my sisters, daughters and grandkids.

Sue S.